The problem with mall bra shopping

So here’s the dealie-o, if you haven’t figured it out already.

Women who work in the mall in that cute pink store with lots of lingerie are Trained Sales People. They are not bra fitters (most of the time) and the don’t care about your boobs (most of the time).

They work at the mall because they need a job. They found a job in a store they wanted an employee discount at. And they got a video put in front of them about how to sell bras.

If a 34-D is not available in the color you want, they will suggest a 36-C. (All of the time).

“It’s almost the same thing,” they are trained to say.

And the fit will be similar. And the great price being offered that day might tempt you to buy it.

DON’T. If you learn nothing else from me, Rachel at INTIMATE GUIDE, learn that the BAND of your BRA around your MIDSECTION does the dirty work. It provides the SUPPORT. And with the wrong band size, your boobs will droop.

If you can reach behind your back right now and pull your bra band out a couple inches, your BRA BAND IS TOO BIG. If you love the bra, try it on in a smaller band size and see if you feel better supported.

I don’t know you (probably), but I want the women of the world to love their breasts. Keep them perky naturally – wear a bra that fits well. Save the pretty-but-ill-fitting for bedroom rendezvous stuff if you must. But for work, play and exercise – please respect the boob tissue and wear the right size band.

Now go out there and flaunt what you’ve got!