Signature Lace Dance Dot Low Rise Thong from Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky Thongs Are Sexy Trend of 2020

While the high waisted look is making a comeback (especially in the realm of shorts and swimwear), there are still nights when the local club seems to be having a contest to find the person who can wear their jeans the lowest without actually losing them completely. It’s like one of those survivoresque competitions where the players have to hold onto a pole or tree branch longer than everyone else.

In this case, the contestant is your jeans and the pole is your hips.

Fortunately, lingerie designers have blessed us with a wide variety of low rise panties so we don’t have to choose form over fashion when wearing something with a low rise. For the guys it’s moderately cool to sport a glimpse of a big designer waistband but in the case of the ladies it’s all about skin. So, for those really, really low rise nights (and days), there’s the Hanky Panky Signature Lace Dance Dot Low Rise Thong. It would be difficult to find something with a rise lower than this without having to categorize it as a kneepad rather than underwear.

Hanky Panky lace thongs have long been touted as the most comfortable thongs in the world. Many in the lingerie world (including some of most famous bbw camgirls) consider a lace thong from Hanky Panky to be a perfect “first thong”. So in this case, we’re solving the low rise problem in a way that’s superbly comfortable…and it ain’t bad to look at either.

The signature lace dance dot low rise thong is composed of sheer stretch lace embellished with fancy polka dots. The two inch lace waistband combines with the minuscule panel for a “daringly low” three inch rise. The almost non-existent rear coverage means there’s virtually zero chance for visible panty lines. So, you can win the battle of the low rise and look great doing it!