Although we here at the Intimate Guide have been steadily melting for the last month or so, today is actually the first day of summer. In celebration of that fact, we’ve chosen a Frilly Friday pick that you probably wouldn’t wear in the winter.

Unless it was laundry day and you had nothing else to wear.

But then you clearly waited too long to do the laundry, so shame on you.

The Vivid Print Chemise from Free People features an abstract blue, green, white and purple pattern that reminds us of the rainforest scene toward the end of “It’s a Small World” at Walt Disney World. If you’ve never seen it, you should go. It’s rumored they’re going to replace it with a patriotic tribute to America and that looks nothing like this chemise.

Straps are really hot nowadays

The hem of the Vivid Print Chemise contains a floral pattern (if random blue circles and reddish brown lines can be considered “floral”). The rigid straps are adjustable in front and a fitted shape is provided courtesy of smocking in the back.

Although the Vivid Print Chemise is actually lingerie, it’s solid enough that you could probably get away with wearing it as a dress. Perhaps you could wear it while riding It’s a Small World. Maybe you’ll love it so much that you’ll intentionally put off doing the laundry so you’ll have an excuse to wear it in the winter.

Think about that this weekend. Happy summer and happy Friday!