We often talk about the imagery that a certain piece of lingerie evokes when we feature a product here at the Intimate Guide. For instance, last week’s DKNY Classic Curves thong evoked imagery of the “chalice” symbol – which is good because the chalice symbol represents femininity.

So, we’re not exactly sure why they call this thong the “evoke” thong (our calls to Elle MacPherson Intimates were not returned), but it does have an initial appearance of academia. The black and gold – sorry, “jet” and “biscotti” – color scheme coupled with tassels on the front brings to mind the pomp and circumstance of graduation. Since most academic regalia comes from medieval times when those who wore it were considered wizards, we can only assume that the designers use the word “evoke” here to refer to some type of conjuring. Indeed, we can envision Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger wearing this thong underneath her dress robes to the Hogwart’s Prom.

The thong is styled with a semi-sheer spot design featuring lace embellishments that curve to form the appearance of a Peter Pan collar. This faux collar is neatly tied with a delicate ribbon capped with golden tassels. The spot pattern continues to the rear where coverage is, of course, minimal. Everything comes together for a sophisticated, elegant look in the end – pun intended.