If you’ve ever read (or seen) The Davinci Code, you’ll probably remember some basic symbology. The blade (a triangle pointing upward) represents the penis and the chalice (a triangle pointing downward) represents the vagina. In the book, the chalice points the way to the Holy Grail. That seems to be true in the case of the DKNY Classic Curves thong as well.

The official DKNY literature will tell you that this thong has a “sensual, feminine vibe” because of its lace side panels and tiny ribbons. Those of us who read into things a little too much know, however, that its true femininity lies in the well framed chalice symbol centered on the front panel. The thong is made from comfortable stretch fabric and like any thong offers minimal coverage in the rear. It comes in nude and black. It’s feminine on so many different levels.

How can you resist?